Each week we are blessed with an incredible and on time word from Pastor Anthony.  This connect group provides a space for reflection and dialogue concerning personal nuggets extracted from the teachings.


Emotional Recovery

Despite our best efforts to conquer, we are still faced with issues that penetrate our emotions.  This connect group will provide a support system where group members can collectively travel the road to emotional health utilizing various techniques and personal/professional experiences.  



Shallow thinking just doesn’t work for some.  This connect group will challenge group members to matriculate through spiritual, emotional and personal concepts/ideologies at a deeper level!


Leadership Plus

Are you a leader? Well this may be the perfect group for you as it will feature pragmatic leadership strategy, development, and methodology training.  It will also allow group members to share concepts and resources pertaining to their personal leadership journey.


Throne Room

Prayer is a critical spiritual discipline for the believer.  This connect group will provide tools on how to access the Kingdom of God by way of spiritual intercession as well as engage in prayer together.



Physical health is key to wholistic stewardship.  This connect group will focus on nutrition, fitness goals, work out tips and much more.


Book Club

The book club connect group will have meaningful discussions informed by a selected book.  

Connect Groups serves as a critical component in fulfilling our aims via the pathway to discipleship.  All Spring 2020 Connect Groups will be held virtually and will begin in May.  We invite you to read through the description of each group before making your selection.  Once you have read through each description, you can click the link for enrolling.  YOU CAN ENROLL IN UP TO THREE GROUPS AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF THE NEW CHURCH TO ENROLL.