Artistic Teams


Music (must audition) -This ministry seeks gifted vocalists and instrumentalists to render anointed musical worship during our weekend worship experience.


Dance-This ministry’s art is expressed through creative choreography and precise dance techniques, dramatic movements and animated facial expressions.


Drama-Unveiling messages through dramatization is exciting. This team seeks all those who have a theatrical ability.



Creative Teams


Explosion Media- Because maintaining a historic legacy of our worship experiences is extremely important, the explosion media team was formed. This team is responsible for:

1. Recording Weekend Worship services as well as Connect Night

2. Producing those recordings on CD and/or DVD

3. Managing the sales and/or distribution of produced recordings


Social Media-This ministry creatively engages ways to present our ministry to the world through various social media avenues.


Publications & Marketing-This ministry works very hard to communicate our message via various literatures. It is seeking those who are skillful with using various design programs.



Logistic Teams


Assimilation-This ministry is responsible for moving a visitor to a new team member and a new team member through the pathway to discipleship.


Bereavement-This ministry works to provide condolences and comfort to team members who have loved ones that has passed or perhaps to the family of a team member who has passed.


Connect Fellowships-This ministry develops, plans and executes our connect fellowships that are designed for members of Team TNC to engage each other outside the confines of spiritual programming.


Cleaning- Good campus stewardship is essential.  This ministry maintains a clean environment for attendees who frequent our campus.


Smiles-This team, also known as greeters, provides friendly and warm salutations to attendees, and helps maintain order during ministry-wide programs.


Transportation- This ministry is designed for servants willing to use their vehicles to pick up members and non-members for church-sponsored activities.


Pre-School, Children or Youth Servants (Requires Background Check) -These ministries are for adults possessing the skills to work consistently and patiently with our preschool, children and/or youth using relevant and contemporary methods.


Ministers (Requires Pastor’s Approval) -This ministry is comprised of individuals who have accepted their call to the Gospel ministry. They are confirmed by God and trained by the pastor and other qualified trainers.


Deacons (Requires Pastor’s Approval) -This ministry works with the pastor to ensure a consistent flow in ministry.


Ministry Teams