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Current Fast R.U.N.

(January 17th through February 6th )

Option 1

Eliminate sweets, breads, chips, fried foods, fast foods and alcoholic beverages.


Option 2

Eliminate meat, seafood, pasta & alcoholic beverages. Vegetarians can eliminate potatoes and pastas.


Option 3

Eat in an 8-hour window only; total fast for the remaining 16 hours. Eliminate alcoholic beverages.  


Note: For this fast you may choose one option for the complete 21 days.  You may also switch options, the only ask is that you stick with one option for a minimum of 7 days!


For all options please:

-Drink only water, coffee and/or tea

-Pray and/or meditate daily

-Read scripture and/or motivational material daily

-Avoid carnal behaviors and conversations

-Eliminate non-essential financial purchases


Corporate Scripture Reading:

We are asking in addition to your readings, to read the following scriptures:


Week 1-Book of Matthew

Week 2-Book of Mark

Week 3-Book Luke